Belly Dance by ÂYA of Istanbul 
Performance, Instruction, Choreography

Belly Dance Performance, Instruction, Choreography
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Belly Dance Classes in Atlanta Georgia
Instructional Workshops and Instructional Bellygrams Also Available. Contact Aya at to inquire about exact rates.


Important: Please Read
Classroom Policies.







Spring 2012

Authentic Turkish Rom (Gypsy) Style Belly Dance

Saturdays 12-1 PM

 Appropriate for All Levels

Belly Dance Course at Pera Dance Studio


Pera Dance Studio is conveniently located on
1015 Collier Rd Ste B Atlanta GA 30318
Phone: (404) 355-0807

See Directions to Pera Dance Studio

Drop in class: $12
4 Class Card: $40 (only $10 per class!)
8 Class Card: $75 (only $9 per class!)

You may pay in person at Pera Dance Studio or
Purchase class cards for Pera Dance Studio online

Classroom Policies:

1) Cellphones must be turned off (unless student is in position of dealing with emergencies on a regular basis). 

2)  NO Gum Chewing! If you have a sore throat, please use cough drops.  Gum chewing is an unattractive habit for a dancer (unless she's playing a character that is supposed to chew gum:)) and shows a lack of respect.  Most importantly, it's a bad habit for one's muscle memory.
3) No visitors inside the classroom while class is in session! Students have the guarantee that no one will be sitting around watching them. Therefore the only people allowed in the classroom are students that are actually taking the class. This rule applies to EVERYONE; children, mom, friends, etc.
4) Legal: Consult your physician before starting any exercise/dance classes, especially if you have preexisting injuries, illnesses, or are pregnant. Your instructor is not liable for any injuries sustained during class. 

5) Please remember to bring water and keep hydrated.

Why take classes with Aya?
Aya is an accomplished professional artist, not a hobbyist. Not only has she grown up dancing Oriental Dance (Belly Dance) as part of her native culture but she has also studied (and continues
to study) it extensively.

Aya has experience teaching dancers of various levels, from those with no dance experience to advanced professionals. A knowledgeable and sought after instructor, she instills in students the historical background, cultural connections, meaningful expressions, and authentic movement that characterize this art form. Aya’s courses do not simply involve descriptions of movement on a mechanical level, but on a social and spiritual level as well. Her instruction style promotes creativity and indepence in a supportive environment.  She has taught students from diverse backgrounds and ages, including children as young as 4 up to adults as old as 84. To find out more about Aya's qualifications please see
Testimonials and Aya's Bio .

Aya teaches regularly in the Atlanta area at the beautiful and conveniently located Pera Dance Studio where there is ample
parking.  Class size is limited so that each student dancer can move comfortably and receive plenty of individual attention.

Music and Materials Used in Class:

Whether it's Your very First Class, or you're a Seasoned Professional,
Check Out the Pera Dance Studio Shop! For all your Belly Dancing needs: Hip Scarves, Harem Pants, Costumes and More Unique Items...
Ayas student in Belly Dance Class WearAlso, for classes that require mandatory props (for Ex: Silk Veil, Cane, etc.) Aya will make them available through the Shop and/or bring them with her to class for purchase.

Music Used in Classes and Workshops is Available for Purchase in class ($12.00 per CD unless otherwise indicated).

What to Wear to Class:

No, you do not have to show your belly :) ! Please wear comfortable but NOT bulky attire that you would feel comfortable exercising in. Clothing that is somewhat form-fitting is preferable (this type of attire makes it possible for me to see and correct your posture and movements).

I highly recommend that you wear hip scarves, especially if you’re a beginner. They allow you (and me) to make sure you have proper technique as you learn how to pop, shimmy, and isolate. Hipscarves Going to belly dance class in style! Ayas Belly Dance Shopare available at the Pera Dance Studio or thru Aya.

Harem pants, frilly skirts, and jewelry are always welcome- belly dance class is the one place where you’re encouraged to celebrate your femininity!

Shoes: I personally do not dance barefoot since my feet are very precious to me, and any injury to them can cost me dearly. Belly Dance Shoes are available thru the Pera Dance Studio Shop.  If you go barefoot you may do so AT YOUR OWN RISK! Slid proof socks, jazz shoes, ballet slippers, and similar dance shoes are all good choices. Please do not wear tennis shoes or hardsoled shoes, as these affect the flexibility of your foot.

In my dance classes, we recognize that our body is a gift to be appreciated. So please don’t hesitate to wear whatever you feel pretty in! I’ll see you in class…

- Aya of Istanbul

Performance Opportunities for Aya's Students:

For those who wish to perform, performance opportunities are always available, especially for the more serious dance students! Aya teaches 6 week Choreography Courses as well as Saturday choreography workshops.  Students are given the option to sign up to perform the choreography at shows as well as amateur nights. This way, students can have friends and family in the audience cheer them on!  Costumes range from $100 to $250. 

Some of Aya’s most dedicated student dancers are members of the “
Ayaat Dance Troupe”. The Ayaat Dancers are given the opportunity to perform regularly at Restaurant Shows, Seminar and Workshop Shows, cultural and international events, charity events, and other independently sponsored events.

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Classes and Workshops and Shows, Oh My!

Aya of Istanbul

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