Belly Dance by ÂYA of Istanbul 
Performance, Instruction, Choreography

Belly Dance Performance, Instruction, Choreography
At your Next Event, Learn to Belly Dance with Aya!

What is an Instructional Bellygram?
An Instructional Bellygram is a fun, interactive belly dance lesson during a special event.  Aya's Bellygram Lessons are always a big hit at Bridal Showers, Cultural/Educational Events, Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties, Girls Night Out events, Club Meetings, Fitness Meets and countless other types of all female events! 

The Bellygram Lesson consists of Aya teaching some basic belly dance movements and fun combinations that can be applied to popular music. The Usual Bellygram Lesson is 30 minutes to 1 hour. Aya will teach closer to one hour unless requested otherwise. If you would like, the hour lesson can include a short performance as well!

Aya is not only an authentic professional belly dancer but a highly skilled teacher.  Your guests will have  a learning experience that is entertaining, informative, and unforgettable!

How much does it cost? 
$150 - $400 to be paid in cash after the lesson. The price depends on various factors such as distance traveled, time of event, day of the week, number of people attending, etc…  For a more exact quote please send an e-mail to

Any Questions and Inquiries are Always Welcome- There is No Obligation!

Please Include in your e-mail the following information:
1. Type of Event ( For ex: Bridal Shower, Birthday, Festival, Luncheon, etc...)

2. Date and Time
3. Description of Venue ( For ex: Concert Hall, House, Hotel Ballroom, University, etc.)

4. Exact Location (Exact Address Needed for Mapquest)

5. Number of People (Also any other information about the guests such as age, nationality, etc.)
6. A telephone number where you can be reached.

Without the above information, an accurate price quote cannot be given.

What must be provided by the host: 
- A spacious area for all the guests to take the lesson (ideally close to the stereo) is necessary. Most people just move the furniture around to make room. 

- A stereo system that plays CDs is needed. If one isn’t available, Aya can bring a small boombox. 

- This is an actual dance lesson so it’s best if people dress more comfortably (nothing too tight or hot) and if they want they can take their shoes off since it’s inside the house. 

- EVERYONE at the party must be encouraged to participate in the lesson. If you have people sitting around and watching that can make the people taking the lesson feel uncomfortable! 

      If you have any questions please contact Aya at
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