Belly Dance by ÂYA of Istanbul 
Performance, Instruction, Choreography

Belly Dance Performance, Instruction, Choreography

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Now based in Atlanta, Georgia,
Aya of Istanbul is available to
Perform, Teach Workshops, and Speak Worldwide.

Telephone: (770) 826-4286 (U.S.A)

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Make Your Next Event First Class with A First Class Performance!

Aya's Performances Add Elegance and Excitement to Any Special Occasion.

Available to Perform at Restaurants, Nightclubs, Concerts, Weddings, Engagement Parties, Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, Bridal Showers, Children’s Parties, Galas and Grand Openings,  Wrap Parties, Cultural and Educational Events,
Bellygrams and More! Aya gets wedding party up to dance!

When you book Aya for any special event, you know you will receive a first class performance by an Authentic Professional Artist. Aya provides Elegant, Unforgettable Entertainment Suitable for All Ages. Performances are tailored to fit the needs of your particular event. 
Ayaat dancers performing at wedding reception!

As the ultimate bonus, if you would like Aya's performance to include a troupe number (an additional 2 or more dancers), dancers from Ayaat Dance Troupe may be hired for bookings made in advance. 

Aya and/or the Ayaat Dancers Do NOT Perform at Any All Male Events Such as Bachelor Parties. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Book In Advance To Guarantee Availability!

To find out more About Aya's qualifications please see Testimonials and Aya's Bio.

What is a Bellygram?
A Standard Bellygram is a mini belly dance performance (approximately 10 to 20 minutes in length). Consists of 3 to 4 songs.  Usually includes a veil entrance, traditional belly dancing, a drum solo performance and a final song  where the guest of honor is asked to dance!

If you want to learn to Belly Dance at your next event,  book an Instructional BellygramClick here to find out more.

Other performance formats are also available.  When you let Aya know the specifics, she can create a show custommade for your event!

How much does it cost?
The starting price for a local bellygram in the Atlanta Area is $150.00. The price increases depending on length of travel and many other factors. Once you let Aya know the details of your event, an exact quote can be given.  Inquiries are Always Welcome- There is No Obligation!
And don't worry, pricing is not based on how much Aya thinks you're willing to pay :)

For a more exact quote please send an e-mail to and
 include the following information:

1. Type of Event ( For ex: Wedding, Birthday, Concert, Festival, Luncheon, etc...)

2. Date and Time

3. Exact Location (Exact Address Needed for Mapquest)

4. Description of Venue ( For ex: Concert Hall, House, Hotel Ballroom, Night Club, etc.)

5. Approximate Number of People (Also any other information about the guests such as age, nationality, etc.)

6. Will the dancer be expected to dance to live music?

7. If you have any specific requests on the type of performance please list them. (For ex: Length of Performance, Type of Music Used, Preferred Costume Choice-see below, etc.)

8. A telephone number where you can be reached.

Without the above information, an exact quote cannot be given.

*For Performances at Restaurants and Nightclubs:
A discounted rate is available for venues that have dancing on a regular basis.


Styles of Costume
Please specify if you have a preference in style of costume when booking.  Not sure how to describe it?  The photos below show 3 common styles of costume:  Cabaret, Beledi Dress, and Gypsy

Need Beautiful and Unique Costumes for Belly Dance?

Aya's one Turkish Belly Dancer who knows how to shop for them!
Make an appointment with her to find the most

Gorgeous Hand Picked Costumes and Accessories...

Aya of Istanbul

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